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Guardian Angels
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Does my guardian angel have a mom and dad? Yes! Every guardian angel has a mom and dad.
Can guardian angels fly? Guardian angels are born with zero feathers on their wings. Their parents
award them their first feather as soon as they take their first breath, making them appear as if they
were born with one feather. They need 1,000 feathers total to be able to fly. Guardian angels have to
earn their feathers by doing good deeds, which takes 21 years for them to do.
How do kid guardian angels travel if they can't fly yet? Kid guardian angels use their halo to travel
from one location to another location. Their halo allows them to disappear and reappear in a different
Can guardian angels have a feather taken away? Yes. If a guardian angel did something wrong or was
rude or irresponsible, their parents have the authority to take away a feather they had previously earned.
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Do guardian angels protect more than one human? Yes and no. A guardian angel is assigned to protect
one human person. However, if another human is involved with their human person and is in danger, they can
protect that person too.
Do all angels play harps? No. GA's favorite instrument is the eliquitarpica. It's a harp that is part
electric piano and guitar. There is a drawing of it in the Tale of the Messed Up Talent Show.
Can guardian angel create miracles? Yes. I'll be sharing more about this in my next story.