Fun facts about GA!

Real Name: Gazardiella Arielperera
Nickname: GA It's pronounced by saying the first letter in her first name "G" and then the first
letter in her last name "A".
Born: Same day as me, June 13th!

Current age: 10 years old
Total angel feathers earned: 94! She only has 906 to go before her wings are completely filled and
she can fly like an adult angel.
Characteristics: Loving, funny, sweet, kind, honest, giving, klutzy, curiously nosey, sometimes
immature, a lot of times irresponsible.
Best friend: Me!
Hobbies: Soccer, softball, painting, singing, and dancing.
Favorite foods: Honey Nut Cheerios, pizza and ice cream.
GA always misplaces her halo. She's
supposed to wear it around her neck if
she's not using it to travel.
angels, she was born with only one
feather. Whenever GA teaches
me a lesson, she earns another
feather for her wings!
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