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Fun Facts About Max:

Max is a baby male kestrel. Male kestrels are one of the
most colorful raptor's with their slate-blue head.

Max is North America's smallest falcon about 8 - 12 inches
long. Sometimes it is called 'The Sparrow Hawk'.
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Kestrels nest in cavities in trees, cliffs, buildings, and other

When Max grows up, his wingspan will be about 20 - 24 inches.

Male kestrels have blue-grey wings with black spots and white
undersides with black barring. The back and tail area
reddish-brown.  The belly and flanks are white with black
The female kestrel is more reddish-brown.
Kestrels almost always catch it's prey when the prey is on
the ground. Before striking, the kestrel usually bobs its head
and tail, then makes a direct flight toward the prey and grab
it with its talons.

Wild kestrels live less than 5 years, while captive kestrels
live 14 - 17 years.
  • The "klee" is usually delivered, when the kestrel is upset or excited.
  • The "whine" call is usually used with feeding.
  • The "chitter" is used in activities which involve interaction between male and female birds,
    including courtship feeding, copulation, and the feeding of it's babies.